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MobileScrobbler: on your iPhone

Posted on Apr 11, 2008 in iPhone, Reviews

Everyone knows right? Y’know those crazy british guys that let you track the songs you’ve played in iTunes and find similar music for you… Well, unfortunately the music player on their website ( radio) is flash based, so it (currently) won’t work on your iPhone.

Never fear! Thanks to “Sam” and his awesome iPhone app, MobileScrobbler, you can now enjoy some love on your iPhone. 

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Three iPhone apps (that exist today) that I would pay for.

Posted on Apr 8, 2008 in iPhone

Despite being built with an unofficial set of tools, the sheer quality of some of the apps available through Nullriver’s installer is amazing (also probably a testament to the iPhone API’s Apple has created).

These apps look and feel just as good as some of the included iPhone applications. If you want to see how the iPhone SDK is going to change the way we think of mobile phones as a computing platform, check out these 3:

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Review: Samsung CLP-300 Color Laser Printer

Posted on Apr 7, 2008 in Reviews

I tend to use a printer in “short bursts”: Typically I’ll print a lot of text-only pages at the beginning of each college term or when I’m printing essay drafts. The rest of the time I’ll only print the occasional letter or card. But inevitably whenever I do need to print something, the ink in my Epson inkjet printer would be empty or have dried up. 

I recently discovered Samsung’s affordable color laser printer, the CLP-300 and as my Epson had started to chew up anything I’d try to print, I snapped it up. Here’s some of my experiences with it now after using it for a few weeks:

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Misu – iPod to iPod music syncing

Posted on Apr 5, 2008 in Reviews

Misu (author’s homepage) is a new $19 tool that allows you to copy one iPod’s music library to another’s. Basically you connect both iPods to your Mac and Misu will add any songs from the source iPod that are missing on the target iPod.

It uses a very clean and simple UI: When you plug in your iPods, Misu detects the exact models you’ve connected (it even got the colour of my 4rd gen iPod nano right) and drops them on top of the window. Then hit the “Transfer Music” button and Misu starts copying away.

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Popular Mechanics sums it up nicely…

Posted on Apr 3, 2008 in JetLinks

On two iPhone competitors with “touch” interfaces:

Both touchscreen handsets bear an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone – only without its soul. While it’s hard to complain when more than one person looks like a supermodel, the resemblance here is barely skin deep. I scored some face time with the new handsets, and, like previous iPhone-influenced devices, the charade ends quickly: Dig past the touchscreen, and the seamless, intuitive, well-thought-out design of the iPhone just isn’t there. For example, the Instinct’s browser pales in comparison to Apple’s Safari, with so-so zooming and landscape-only orientation topping the list of gripes. And, unlike the iPhone, which makes touchscreen typing more palpable with fingerprint-size letter-zoom functionality, the Instinct forces you to press tiny characters.

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