Posts made in August, 2008

MobileMe Push e-mail Speed Test

Posted on Aug 24, 2008 in iPhone

There have been a number of complaints about MobileMe’s Push email speed. Some users seem to be experiencing “push” delays of up to 5 minutes.

I decided to time exactly how long it takes for a Gmail message to be pushed to the iPhone over Wifi and over GPRS / EDGE:

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JetLinked: Gruber on OpenClip

Posted on Aug 22, 2008 in JetLinks

John Gruber takes a detailed, technical look at the OpenClip project and why it’s not such a brilliant idea from a technical standpoint.

I think given that Apple has already admitted they’re working on native copy / paste support this framework seems like a non-starter.

JetLink: Daring Fireball

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A video says a 1000 words…

Posted on Aug 21, 2008 in iPhone

Quite a revealing comparison by MobileComputer of browsing speeds on the iPhone 2G vs. the new BlackBerry Bold. Apparently the iPhone 2G even beats the Bold’s 3G connection using its much slower on paper EDGE connection.

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Nike+ iPhone app- first generation iPhone compatible?

Posted on Aug 20, 2008 in iPhone

Well it looks as though us runners (well, wannabe runners at least) are in for a treat soon! Screenshots from a pretty authentic looking Nike+ iPhone app have surfaced on From the looks of things most of the core Nike+ website functionality is supported, as well as GPS route tracking, plus lots of snazzy stats and graphs. 

From the screenshots it looks as though this app will also take care of music playback, which makes sense given Apple’s policy on background applications:

What’s unclear is how the iPhone will track your run, but three options seem feasible:

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3 Tips for better iChat AV Video conferences

Posted on Aug 20, 2008 in Hints

I’ve been using iChat AV quite extensively recently, as my girlfriend is spending some time in Sweden – the land of insanely fast consumer broadband. iChat AV has been a great way to keep in touch, however thre have been a few glitches here and there. Here’s a few possible remedies for common issues.

1) Audio Issues

Low call volume, background noise and feedback are some of the problems you might typically run into.You can avoid most of these by using a headset (luckily now also available in better-looking behind-the-head designs, but if you don’t happen to have one handy, try these tips:

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