Posts made in August, 2008

MobileMe users given another free extension

Posted on Aug 19, 2008 in Mac

I just received another email from Apple regarding MobileMe. It seems as though they’re giving all users (regardless of whether you experienced trouble or not) an additional free 60 day extension on their subscriptions.

Whilst 60 days might not seem like a huge deal, it does show a certain amount of goodwill on Apple’s part and a willingness to put things right. More importantly this comes at a point when most glitches seem to have been worked out, so this news should be received much more positively than the initial 30 day extension some members were offered previously.

Link to Apple’s Knowledgebase for full details.

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Jetplane Review: V-Moda Vibe Duo

Posted on Aug 17, 2008 in Featured, iPhone, Reviews


As many iPhone owners may have noticed, the headset Apple includes with the device is pretty decent and very useful – but the sound quality is just not that great. Other headphones you have may sound better, but don’t offer the handy microphone / clicker functionality of the original.

Enter V-Moda. Despite being relatively new to the Apple accessory industry, their flagship Vibe Duo earbuds for the iPhone seem to be the ideal replacement for Apple’s stock ‘phones…

What’s in the box

The Duo’s are in-ear headphones that are designed to block outside noise and sit just inside your ear canal. They feature an attractive all-metal enclosure and a sturdy fabric-shielded

cable. Apart from “Gunmetal Rouge” (pictured), V-Moda also offer black and chrome versions of the Duos. The main selling point for iPhone users is the built-in mic / clicker that lets you answer calls and skip tracks just like you can with Apple’s headset.

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The ideal trip tool

Posted on Aug 13, 2008 in Opinions

Last week whilst on vacation (without access to a computer), I really came to appreciate having my iPhone on me. Even on a slow E-Plus GPRS connection, it proved to be pretty invaluable (and yes, I know I’m pointing out the obvious and gushing).

Checking the web for updates: Someone on the trip was expecting important exam results and I was able to check the appropriate websites and download several large PDF files to check the results. 

Budgeting: Pennies (AppStore link) is a great $2.99 app that lets you keep track of your expenditure. It uses a “fuel gauge” metaphor to indicate how much of your budget you’ve already spent and lets you add new expenses with a single tap. 

Combine multiple tools: I used the iPhone to tune a guitar someone brought, check the weather and route before we set of for a hike, send email snapshots to friends at home and provide music for everyone.

It’s not until you’re really without access to a computer that you realize just how powerful a replacement the iPhone is. Sure, it’s not quite as comfortable or as fast, but it’s still an incredibly useful – as well as fun –  device to take on a trip.

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