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Windows 7 = Snow Vista?

Posted on Jan 14, 2009 in Opinions

Now that the Windows 7 public beta is out, I’ve fired it up and taken it for a spin.

It strikes me that 7 is basically Microsoft’s answer to both Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads and a similar effort to Snow Leopard – the successor to 10.5 that Apple has announced.

Snow Leopard will purportedly contain no new features, instead focusing on improving the foundation of the OS and making under-the-hood performance improvements.

7 seems to be a similar effort: There are a few visual changes to the taskbar and start menu, but overall there is very much a “Vista 2.0” feeling to it. However: unlike Snow Leopard – which has so far received mostly positive buzz, despite the lack of new features, I don’t expect Microsoft to attempt to market 7 as a “no features” release. Coming on the back of the poor Vista publicity it would be seen as admitting defeat.

Nonetheless, with 7 expected for a late 2009 / early 2010 release and Snow Leopard expected sometime within the same timeframe, it’ll be interesting to see the two “tidy-up” releases go head-to-head.

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