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Jetlinked: Simple Desktops

Posted on Dec 12, 2009 in JetLinks, Mac, The web

I just came across a nice collection of simple, clean desktop backgrounds that I had to share. For example:

Ohhh-Christmas-Tree_png_295x1600_q85 Snow-Flake__png_300x1600_q85

Head over to Simple Desktops to check them out!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Posted on Dec 10, 2009 in Opinions

It’s that time of year again! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, these gadgets and gifts are sure to be a hit. So read on for some select gift ideas (and your opportunity to support the site  – thanks Amazon!). These are all gifts for a mid-range budget and I’ve left out the obvious Macbooks and iPod picks – Apple will be reminding you about those anyway…

Since the holiday season is already well underway, without further ado here are my picks:

Apple Magic Mouse
Love it or hate it – the Magic Mouse addresses a lot of its predecessor’s shortcomings and looks fantastic. Its dust-resistant, buttonless design looks gorgeous and is fairly practical (well, for an Apple mouse…). Seems to be fairly difficult to find at the moment, so if you haven’t already got one – hurry!


Grado SR60i
The SR60 has been called “The best deal in audio”, and it’s hard to disagree. I own the predecessors (SR60 – minus the “i”) and whilst chunky and retro, they sound great and are comfortable to wear. These are the perfect cans for listening around the house and offer a sound quality that can rival ‘phones with double the price tag.


equinux TubeStick (DVB-T) or TubeStick hybrid (ATSC / USA)
Want to watch TV on your own schedule, but can’t be bothered with a DVR? Watch and record digital TV on your Mac – or even your iPhone.


Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere
These speakers aren’t cheap – but they definitely offer great value for money. I’ve dragged mine all around most of the parks and barbecue spots in Munich and they haven’t got a scratch on them. They sound great and the integrated li-ion battery means you never have to worry about buying AAs again. The line-in jack lets you hook up other audio sources and the remote control and carrying case complete the package.

Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere

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