Posts made in November, 2010

We Support Software

Posted on Nov 22, 2010 in Opinions, The web

Just a quick note to let you know about a new site I’m working on called
We Support Software. I work in the QA and support field, so the new site will allow me to write about that slightly more niche subject, in addition to the more general articles and reviews I post here.

As the name implies, I hope to turn the site into a useful resource for all of us in that kind of role, so for interview & articles about supporting and testing OS X and iOS apps, head on over to

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Mac App Store thoughts

Posted on Nov 7, 2010 in Mac, Opinions

The long-rumoured Mac App Store has finally been announced and developers have started to post their reactions and opinions. So far, everyone seems cautiously optimistic and despite some concerns and understandable misgivings about handing over 30% of application revenue to Apple, there have only been a few developers who have categorically rejected the Mac App Store.

So how will the Mac App Store really impact developers? The answer depends on what type of developer you’re talking to and what kind of products they sell. These three groups come to mind:

The lone Mac Developer

These guys are going to love the App Store. Until now, they’ve had to take care of their own marketing, sales, licensing, online store, support, etc, all in addition to writing their apps. Being on the App Store won’t magically make these additional jobs go away, but it remove some of pressure to do all of these simultaneously.

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