3 essential upgrades for your Macbook

Posted on Feb 17, 2008 in Opinions

1. An external monitor
Your monitor is the bit of your Computer you stare at all day. The Macbook’s screen isn’t bad, but if you spend more than 50% of your time using you computer at one place you need an external monitor. Large widescreen displays can be had for about $250,- nowadays and will improve your computing experience more than any other upgrade. I personally like Samsung’s 206BW.

2. Griffin’s Elevator
Regardless of whether you have an external display or not, the Elevator lets you raise your Macbook to eyesight and stops you from getting a stiff neck. Plus it frees up valuable desk space as well!

3. RAM
If you are still running OS X Leopard with 1GB, do yourself a favour and update to at least 2GB. 1GB sticks are cheap and easy to install yourself, so grab 2 and your Macbook will feel twice as fast.

That’s it! Three upgrades that you’ll love if you own a Macbook.