Jetlink: 3 great sites for finding OS X Apps

Posted on Jun 16, 2008 in JetLinks, The web

A question that never stop being asked is where new Mac users can find OS X equivalents of their favorite Windows apps. Whilst some people would say to just head over to VersionTracker or MacUpdate, I’ve found they’re usually a bit overwhelming: I don’t want to sift through every update, utility or abandoned freeware if all I want is to find a semi-decent FTP client.

So here are 3 sites I’d recommend anyone new to the Mac should check out if you’re looking for the right app for the job:

  1. Pure Mac 
    These guys do a great job of organizing the current best OS X apps into useful categories and include descriptions of the extent of an app’s functionality. Unfortunately, although they include a “last modified” date, that lets you ignore old or discontinued apps, there’s no way to hide those whilst browsing.    

    Verdict: Comprehensive, but you’ll need to spend a bit of time.

  2. Open Source Mac & Best Mac Software
    A much more exclusive list than Pure Mac’s: OSM & BMS only list the “best of class” apps for the each of their categories. The two sites are run by the same company, but OSM only has free open source projects for OS X, whilst BMS has both open source and commercial applications. The apps are sorted into categories and include descriptions and (working!) download links (which you would think could be taken for granted, but often isn’t the case on some other sites).   

    Verdict: Great way to find the most commonly used apps for every task. 

  3. OS X Applications   
    Almost older than OS X itself (the site was launch in 1999 to track OS X Server apps – a few months  before the release of the OS X Public beta client version), it boasts the largest number of tracked application (current around 19,000). However, clutter on the site is kept to a minimum and it lets you find the apps you want quickly and without lots of additional clicking to finally get to your download.   

    Verdict: Comprehensive, clean and easy to use.

So head on over and you may be surprised to find you’ve been missing out on some great apps…