How to Transfer Your Data to a New Aluminum MacBook

Posted on Nov 9, 2008 in Hints, Mac

Since the new Macbooks don’t offer a firewire port, you’ll need to use a network connection to transfer your data from an old Mac to your new Macbook.

Apple has made the process very simple though: the first time you boot up your new machine, you’ll be asked to pick another Mac on your network. I usually connect to my network via wireless LAN, which is a bit slow for large amounts of data, so I just connected my old and new Macbook via an ethernet cable. 

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3 Tips for better iChat AV Video conferences

Posted on Aug 20, 2008 in Hints

I’ve been using iChat AV quite extensively recently, as my girlfriend is spending some time in Sweden – the land of insanely fast consumer broadband. iChat AV has been a great way to keep in touch, however thre have been a few glitches here and there. Here’s a few possible remedies for common issues.

1) Audio Issues

Low call volume, background noise and feedback are some of the problems you might typically run into.You can avoid most of these by using a headset (luckily now also available in better-looking behind-the-head designs, but if you don’t happen to have one handy, try these tips:

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How to cancel a MobileMe trial subscription

Posted on Jul 29, 2008 in Hints

Since a few people have asked me, here’s the lowdown on how to cancel a MobileMe subscription within the free 60-days trial period.

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Three secret iPhone 2.0 tips

Posted on Jul 21, 2008 in Hints, iPhone, Opinions

So besides the more obvious new features, Apple has also added a fair bit of spit & polish in nooks and crannies you might not notice them. Here’s two changes and one “hack” I’ve found so far:

1. Banish Marker Felt from Notes with Chinese

Take care of Marker Felt Olympic style! It seems as though the iPhone automatically substitutes unsupported fonts when typing languages with glyphs. Simply add Chinese as an additional keyboard layout and type a single character to switch the current note’s font to Helvetica (at least I think it’s Helvetica!).

The downside? This trick needs to be done for every new note you create.

2. Improved auto-correction

The auto-correction feature now seems to work a bit better and first letter substitutions in particular seem a lot smoother: When only a single letter of a word is corrected, that change is made seamlessly, without the “drop-in” animation you get with more extensive corrections. It’s a minor detail, but it does make typing feel a lot easier.

3. Add / Edit contacts whilst on a call

You may be wondering why Apple has added a “dedicated” Contacts app, especially it offers the exact same functionality as the contacts list within the phone application. Well now you can easily lookup, add or edit contact information whilst on a call!

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Backup strategies compared

Posted on Jul 2, 2008 in Hints, Opinions

OS X 10.5.4 has just been released, so this seems like a good opportunity to talk backups. Even though I expect this update to go as smoothly as the others of recent memory, it’s never a bad idea to use OS updates to make sure your backup system is in good shape. I used to run a backup immediately prior to each 10.4.x update, just in case any weirdness occurred.

Here’s a few setups I’ve tried over the years that helped me stop worrying about backing up by automating the entire process.

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More on Samsung CLP-300 settings

Posted on May 5, 2008 in Hints, Reviews

(Note: This is a semi-followup to my original CLP-300 review so check that out if you’re looking for the full rundown…)

Google has been sending a few folks my way who are looking for CLP-300 colour settings, so I thought I’d share mine.

Note: I’m by no means an expert on colour accuracy and arrived at these settings through trial & error:

First I tested the printer with the default settings, which seemed to be a bit over-saturated. Several other sites I had read had mentioned reducing the colour levels slightly.

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