Popular Mechanics sums it up nicely…

Posted on Apr 3, 2008 in JetLinks

On two iPhone competitors with “touch” interfaces:

Both touchscreen handsets bear an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone – only without its soul. While it’s hard to complain when more than one person looks like a supermodel, the resemblance here is barely skin deep. I scored some face time with the new handsets, and, like previous iPhone-influenced devices, the charade ends quickly: Dig past the touchscreen, and the seamless, intuitive, well-thought-out design of the iPhone just isn’t there. For example,¬†the Instinct’s browser¬†pales in comparison to Apple’s Safari, with so-so zooming and landscape-only orientation topping the list of gripes. And, unlike the iPhone, which makes touchscreen typing more palpable with fingerprint-size letter-zoom functionality, the Instinct forces you to press tiny characters.

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Jetlink: iPod shuffle now just $49

Posted on Feb 19, 2008 in JetLinks

It’s funny – I would never have thought I could get by with just the iPod shuffle, but the few times I’ve borrowed my girlfriend’s it’s been great: Most of the time when I’m cycling around town on my bike I listen to podcasts or just one playlist anyway… the shuffle’s “double click the play button” feature that lets you jump back to the beginning of the list is perfect for that. The only time I miss having my entire collection on me is when I’m in the car, as that’s when I like to enjoy albums I haven’t heard in a while… But at $49 it’s a great deal.

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