iPhone SDK: Developers rejected? Not so fast…

Posted on Mar 16, 2008 in iPhone

Lots of Mac Developers who signed up for the iPhone SDK beta program received rejection notices this week, prompting outcry that resonated across the web that Apple intends only to let a selected few actually develop apps for the iPhone, contrary to what was implied at the introduction event.

But what hasn’t really been made clear is exactly what they were being rejected for: This is the program that grants some groups pre-release access to the 2.0 firmware and allows you to test your apps on the phone itself.

The problem is partly Apple’s own fault: The way they presented the SDK as “available immediately” sends the wrong message: In fact the SDK is available now, but they won’t let developers release apps or run them on their phones until June.
What kind of SDK doesn’t allow you to actually run the apps on the target platform?

The fact that such an integral part of the SDK isn’t available until June effectively means that the SDK isn’t available until June. Of course announcing a delayed SDK wouldn’t be very Apple-like at all, hence the beta program announcement and releasing the XCode part now.

I think Steve’s a victim of his own RDF this time.

P.S. Update: Besides – a little birdie told me that not everyone was rejected… :)