JetLink: Skitch Public beta

Posted on Jul 27, 2008 in JetLinks

A lot has been written about Skitch since it was first released as an invite-only and later as a public beta over a year ago, however I was just using it (like I seem to everyday) and was wondering why Plasq still hasn’t officially released this gem. It boasts an image editor, screenshot tool, free online image hosting, easy uploading to FTP or WebDAV servers and much much more… 

So if you haven’t yet checked it out, do yourself a favour and go take a look! 

Skitch @

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  1. Hi Cris, thanks for dopirpng by.So I think it was mostly familiarity. I know where I expect to find a close button, for instance. Once I got the hang of the fact that Skitch minimises when you double-click the title bar, I was good. A couple of other things got to me for example, I’m forever hitting the size / colour / tool buttons in the wrong sequence so I end up recolouring some text I already have selected, rather than setting it for the next lot but I’m getting used to that now too. Oh, and the one thing I really couldn’t figure out at all was expanding and cropping the canvas again, that makes sense now, but trying to find the inner edge of the window/edge of the image to open up the canvas was not intuitive (for me).But, thanks so much for the preview and I really am impressed!