JetReader – a free style for NetNewsWire

Posted on Jun 1, 2009 in Featured, Mac

JetReader is a style I’ve created for NetNewsWire, arguably the best RSS Reader for OS X. This is my first attempt at creating a NNW style, so there may be a few glitches – you’ve been warned!

It’s been designed with legibility in mind, as I’ve found that black on grey is typically easier on the eyes – particularly on the new, very glossy, very bright aluminum MacBook. JetReader also uses a relatively large font size, as I often browse headlines on my secondary display, which is usually a little bit further back. Having said that, I’ve designed the style to fit a 13″ screen, even when using NewNewsWire’s 3-column widescreen layout.


The style is partially inspired by the excellent Readability bookmarklet from the good folks at Arc90.

Credit also goes out to Antonio Carusone of LegiStyles, whose excellent White Serif style served as the inspiration for JetReader’s header styling.

How to install

To install JetReader, simply download it and double-click the “JetReader.nnwstyle” file to install it into NetNewsWire:

Download JetReader

Once installed, select the style from the bottom right corner of the NetNewsWire window to activate it:



(Click for full-sized preview)

Style sample

JetReader Widescreen Layout

If you have any comments / suggestions / bug-reports, please let me know in the comments.



  1. My first NewNewsWire style - - [...] out. It's designed to be easier to read than the default styles... Let me know what you think! …