RSS feed UI

Posted on Mar 31, 2008 in UI Design


Is it just me, or is the button that adds an RSS feed to your Inbox in really perplexing at first?

I’d prefer not to have my feeds show up in my inbox as I try to keep the inbox as empty as possible. Instead I just browse the feeds occasionally for interesting articles or news.

Apple helpfully includes a few feeds to give you an idea of what feeds look like in Mail and like any inquisitive Mail user I clicked the little arrow to see what it does. Suddenly your Inbox is flooded with “Apple Hot News” and there’s no obvious way to remove the articles or stop them from appearing in your inbox.

Clicking the feed itself does nothing and no “remove feed from inbox” icon has replaced the arrow. Instead you need to right-click the feed (not your inbox mind you!) and uncheck “Show in Inbox”.

It’s a minor issue, but it does seem slightly counter-intuitive and non-obvious. I think a button either by the inbox or next to the feed name itself would be a much solution.