Nike+ iPhone app- first generation iPhone compatible?

Posted on Aug 20, 2008 in iPhone

Well it looks as though us runners (well, wannabe runners at least) are in for a treat soon! Screenshots from a pretty authentic looking Nike+ iPhone app have surfaced on From the looks of things most of the core Nike+ website functionality is supported, as well as GPS route tracking, plus lots of snazzy stats and graphs. 

From the screenshots it looks as though this app will also take care of music playback, which makes sense given Apple’s policy on background applications:

What’s unclear is how the iPhone will track your run, but three options seem feasible:

a) Use a sensor: Like the current solution for the iPod nano, Nike could require a special sensor (possibly bluetooth) that goes into your shoe. This seems unlikely though…

b) Use the built-in accelerometer: Seeing as how it works much like the current shoe-sensor, this seems fairly likely (See my original Nike+ for iPhone post for more information).

c) Use GPS: There are already several AppStore utilities that attempt to measure your car’s speed via GPS, however I think it would probably not be accurate enough for runners. Plus first-generation iPhone users would be left out of the fun, which isn’t unimaginable, but would be disappointing (and yes, I have the original iPhone). Obviously route tracking via cell-tower location pinpointing is a lot less accurate, but most original iPhone users would probably be willing to miss out on that functionality as long as the rest works. 

Either way I look forward to seeing this in the App Store soon!