Review: Artwizz Seejacket for iPhone

Posted on Apr 28, 2008 in iPhone, Reviews

After seeing all the interest in this case on all over the internet, I got in touch with Artwizz (who are based here in Germany) and asked them if it would be possible to review this case for But for the readers of this blog, I am also posting my review here…

So without further ado, here are my impressions of the Artwizz Seejack Crystal:

The standout feature of this case is of course the fact that the entire front is protected by a unique hard plastic faceplate that allows touches to be recognised by the iPhone through the case.

Fit and Build Quality
The case consists of two halves:
– The top shell covers the entire front surface and most of the black area where the antenna is located. It has cutouts for the volume and mute switches on the side as well as for the headphone jack, standby button, microphone and speaker on the top and bottom.

The two halves slide together easily, but firmly, and the iPhone fits very snugly – it doesn’t wobble or wiggle inside at all. There is a slight bit of a gap between the two shells, but it’s hardly noticeable.

Any hard case will add some bulk, but the Seejacket still remains a very comfortable size and the iPhone still easily fits inside a jeans pocket.
The buttons are slightly harder to get to as the case adds a bit of depth, but the difference is only slight, so it’s not really a big deal.

The touch interface is very responsive through the special material that covers it – only very light “brushes” are not recognized (e.g. lightly skimming your finger over the screen won’t work – you’ll need to at least press down very lightly).
When typing I find I actually hit fewer wrong keys as you’re required to use just a tiny bit more force and it’s harder to accidently activate wrong keys.

The iPhone will not fit into its docking station whilst in the case, but the cutout around the dock connector is large enough for you to be able to plug in a USB cable directly.

The headphone jack cutout is only slightly larger than the iPhone’s itself, so 3rd party headphones or headset adapters can be a tight fit.
I didn’t think my Shure headphone adapter cable with Mic would fit at first, but if you plug it in before putting the iPhone in the case, it seems to just about fit. The regular iPhone headset works just fine of course.

I’ve been using this case for the last 2 days now and so far I’m quite impressed. The iPhone feels really protected and I don’t feel the need to “baby” it so much when it’s lying on a table or if I set it down somewhere it could slip down from. The additional bulk doesn’t add much heft at all and it should fit in most loose-fitting jeans pockets just fine.

Overall I have to say I really like this case – it offers direct access to the touchscreen, protection and looks quite nice too!

You can find more info on Artwizz’s page , in the US you can purchase the original Seejacket at

A note on similar cases
According to iLounge, this case is similar to a case currently being offered by another company. However Artwizz have not authorized any companies to use their design and are currently looking into legal options. So don’t assume this review applies to the other cases, they’re probably just cheap “lookalikes”.

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