Review: Simplism Flip Note Leather

Posted on Nov 8, 2011 in iPad, Reviews

Simplism, a Japanese company whose products I stumbled across while on holiday in Malaysia, make really nice leather covers and cases for iPads, iPhones and iPods.

I recently had the opportunity to review the Simplism Leather Flip note case for iPad.


The case is made from real leather and feels extremely well made. It’s a perfect fit for the iPad 2 as well as the new iPad. The materials feel think and sturdy enough to protect your iPad from bumps in a bag or even big drops.

Everyday usefulness

Your iPad is held in place by a simple velcro strip that keeps it from sliding out, making it easy to quickly remove your iPad if you need to. The flip cover supports sleep on/off like Apple’s smart cover, so as soon as you open the case your iPad will wake and you can start working. On the inside of the Flip Note you’ll find several pockets for credit cards, business cards or notes, making the Flip very useful for meetings and trips.

Cameras and controls

Both cameras can be used while your iPad is inside the Flip and you can also access the side lock and volume controls as well. The 30-pin dock connector can also be used to charge your iPad in case, however certain larger accessories may have trouble connecting.


The flip cover can be bent in the middle, which allows you to prop your iPad up for typing. You can also use this feature to stand your iPad upright for watching TV and movies. The smart cover is slightly more flexible in this regard, but the Flip Note works really well for typing.


The Simplism Leather Flip Note Case is an excellent iPad case that will protect your iPad and has room to stash away a few business essentials as well. The build quality is fantastic and even after a few months of use everything still looks great.

Overall it is highly recommended. Available through these retailers.