Review: VoodooPad Reader for iPhone

Posted on Mar 22, 2009 in Featured, iPhone, Mac, Reviews

vpreaderlogoI’ve blogged about VoodooPad Lite before and have since purchased a full VoodooPad license (primarily in order to be able to embed images and PDFs from University into my notes – but also for that indie-supporting fuzzy-feeling goodness).

But with the release of VoodooPad Reader for iPhone, VoodooPad is now even more useful.


You can download VoodooPad Reader free from the AppStore and you’ll also need a current version of VoodooPad on your Mac. Once everything is installed, just open your VoodooPad document on your Mac and select “File > Export Document > Export to iPhone”. Fire up the app on your phone and tap “Sync”. Provided your Mac and iPhone are both on the same wifi network, the device should now show up in the export window on your Mac and you can transfer the file over.



VoodooPad Reader offers a list of all the pages in your document and easy navigation. Images and PDFs show up inline as expected and urls will also open in the built-in browser when tapped – no need to launch MobileSafari.



VoodooPad Reader is a great 1.0 release – and I’m sure we’ll see updates with more functionality in future.

Whilst I don’t think the full VoodooPad feature set would work very well on the iPhone, it might be nice to be able to make small edits to your documents on the go, or at least have a simple “note-bucket” (similar to the “Bucket” feature desktop app offers), so you could jot things down and file them away later.


VoodooPad Reader is a great iPhone app and a must-have for any VoodooPad or VoodooPad Lite user. It’s been rock-solid so far and the simple but functional UI works well.



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