Search Chordie

Search iTunes Script

If you play guitar, you’ve probably tried the various tab and chord sites out there. I recently discovered and it has quickly become my favourite.

One thing I often do is look up chords for songs I’m listening to in iTunes. This script makes it fast and easy to do so.

Download Search Chordie

Installing the script

  1. Unzip the “Search” file
  2. Drag the “Search Chordie” file to your ~/iTunes/Scripts folder (if that folder doesn’t exist, create it)
  3. Select “Search Chordie” from iTunes’ Script menu

Using the script

You can choose to either use the currently playing song, or your current selection. Then choose which information you would like to search with and away you go!


If you have questions, comments or bug reports, please let me know.


This script is largely based on the “Search Wikipedia” script created by Doug Adams. Be sure to check out his other fantastic scripts at

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