Spotlight suggestion: Tab between groups

Posted on Jan 22, 2009 in Mac, Opinions, UI Design

picture-151I’ve gone back and forth between using Spotlight or using a 3rd party tool (I’ve given up on Quicksilver, but I have high hopes for Google’s Quick Search Box by the same developer) might be to quickly access apps and files. I’d prefer to use a built-in tool to be honest, but Spotlight never seems to quite cut it.

A big improvement would be the ability to tab between the different result categories, similar to the way you can tab between other UI elements That would allow users to get to their goal faster and would also make the behaviour feel more consistent with the rest of the operating system.

A few additional commands or the ability to launch web searches would also be nice, but better search results and navigation of those results would be a great start.

Here’s hoping for 10.6!


Aaand of course I just couldn’t find the right shortcut.  In the comments my colleague pointed out a tweet by Scott Stevenson with exactly the shortcut I was after. Thanks Albert & Scott!

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  1. There are actually a few shortcuts:

    “Spotlight results: Command-Up/Down moves between sections. Control-Up/Down goes to top/bottom. Command-Return to show file instead of open.”