The ideal trip tool

Posted on Aug 13, 2008 in Opinions

Last week whilst on vacation (without access to a computer), I really came to appreciate having my iPhone on me. Even on a slow E-Plus GPRS connection, it proved to be pretty invaluable (and yes, I know I’m pointing out the obvious and gushing).

Checking the web for updates: Someone on the trip was expecting important exam results and I was able to check the appropriate websites and download several large PDF files to check the results. 

Budgeting: Pennies (AppStore link) is a great $2.99 app that lets you keep track of your expenditure. It uses a “fuel gauge” metaphor to indicate how much of your budget you’ve already spent and lets you add new expenses with a single tap. 

Combine multiple tools: I used the iPhone to tune a guitar someone brought, check the weather and route before we set of for a hike, send email snapshots to friends at home and provide music for everyone.

It’s not until you’re really without access to a computer that you realize just how powerful a replacement the iPhone is. Sure, it’s not quite as comfortable or as fast, but it’s still an incredibly useful – as well as fun –  device to take on a trip.