Times – a sleek new RSS reader

Posted on May 2, 2008 in JetLinks, Mac

Dustin MacDonald has given users a first glimpse of his new RSS reader “Times” on his blog.

Unlike other RSS readers that use an interface similar to a desktop email client, Times promises a new interface that looks reminiscient of a traditional newspaper.

The standout – and probably most controversial feature – is Times’ abillity to follow links within a RSS feed to retrieve the actual content of a story from a webpage, strip the advertising and formatting from the webpage and display it alongside other feeds. However MacDonald also states that this feature is mainly targeted at larger news sites that tend to only include one paragraph teaser in their feed.

All in all this looks like a very welcome fresh approach in the crowded category of RSS readers and will surely be an Apple Design Award contender (Times will be released this coming Friday, the deadline for ADA submissions is May 12th – so expect to see a few more announcements this week…)